Sarzano – castle dating back to medieval times, built by Bonificio, father of Matilde di Canossa

Rossena – castle that served as front to the castle of Canossa. With the adjacent tower called "Rossanella", due to the particular color of the stone on which the entire building was built, it served as a control structure for the valence.

  Canossa – while remaining only a few remains, it is undoubtedly the most important castle, being the "fortified" residence of the grand countess Matilde di Canossa. The castle also marks a fundamental moment in the history of the whole of Europe, as it is here that the emperor Erico IV came to ask forgiveness from Pope Grogorio VII ° protected by Matilde di Canossa.

  Carpineti –A castle still owned by the Canossa family, it served as a summer residence for Matilde di Canossa. It was here, that in 1092, driven also by the monk Giovanni da Marola, Matilde decided to give war to the Germanic empire, decision that led to the victory of the forces of Matilde di Canossa over the emperor's troops. This was one of the key moments that drew the balance of Europe.

  Bianello – medioevaler castle forming part of a group of 4 castles (hence the current name of the municipality Quattro Castella) which were part of the articulated defense structure of the territory of Matilde di Canossa

  Castellarano – castle always part of the defensive structure of Matilde di Canossa that over time has been gradually restructured, to arrive at the current configuration. Elegant and architecturally very interesting structure.

Romanesque Churches


  Paullo -at 1 Km there is this beautiful structure that dates back to the year 1000. it is mentioned in a "papal bull" of 997. Located on the top of a hill which overlooks the whole plain and is also visible from the castle of Canossa

  Beleo - Today, as a result of the depopulation of agricultural hill areas, the parish has lost the importance of a time ... going to the place, however, one still perceives the sensations of the past history ..

  Toano - Romanesque church of great value, which thanks to its particular location has maintained its original architecture. The portal, etc. is of great value.

  Pianzo- is situated in a pristine valley where you can enjoy the absolute beauty of nature. This church stands out, built on a volcanic rock that emerges inside a "flat" valley. Lovely place.

  Minozzo - at about 30 Km, situated under the Monte Cusna, it represents an interesting Romanesque construction in a place where there is also the ruin of a castle that, from what emerges, certainly represented an impressive control structure of a vast Apennine area.

Tower Houses

  Bergogno - ancient medieval village about 3 km, where you can see some fine tower houses. There are also several old wood-fired ovens, which have been recovered and are now used for the "bread festival"

  Monchio - at 3 Km, there is a beautiful well-preserved "fortified" stratum that clearly highlights the typical construction of the time

  Bocco - at 5 Km, you can admire a building of great interest that combines the typical features of the tower house for security and robustness, elements of value and elegance, with a façade that has a double level of vaults.

  Villa Berza -at 5 Km, there is this medieval village which, thanks to the excellent position in which it developed, has several tower houses, all of excellent workmanship and well preserved.

  Carpineti -at 5 km, in the beautiful valley below the Castle of Carpineti, of medieval origin, there are some imposing tower houses in size and well structured in their rural complex

  Giandeto - at 5 Km there is this beautiful medieval village, born in an agricultural valley of extreme beauty thanks also to its wealth of water. In this valley, you can see several tower houses, which clearly delineate the richness of the agricultural land that had once developed.

Natural Trails

  Trails - (Matilde Trail - Spallanzani Trail - Ducati Trails - Nature Trails)

  Stone of Bismantova - imposing stone that rises from the valley, creating a very particular vision also recalled by Dante in the "Divine Comedy". A destination for many mountaineers as its particular structure sees numerous natural "gyms" to start / train climbers.

  Triassic plasters / Source of Poiano - you can admire the configuration of these Triassic plasters, which thanks to the erosion action perpetrated over thousands of years by the river "secchia", are now clearly visible. Also interesting are the Poiano sources that always emerge in the same area.

   Gigante dell’Appennino Tosco Park - Emiliano (there are many paths to hike on the various peaks over 2,000 meters high, with the possibility of stopping in the various shelters present, in particular to visit the Battisti refuge. To visit the ilago del Ventasso, del Cerreto, del Lagastrello. The departures of the various paths are all around 30/45 minutes


  Montalto Park - To Km 7

 Cerwood  Park to Cervarezza Terme - To 20 Km

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